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HCI Media is an electronic publishing company founded in 2000. Our initial focus  on website development was expanded soon to include production of data and entertainment CDs/DVDs, screen savers, advertising,direct marketing, e-commerce

Today, we specialize in e-commerce, Internet marketing, direct mail and advertising, website design/layout.

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Brochures, Flyers and Business Cards

3-fold brochure


business cards

image of business cards

report cover

image of a report cover

Samples of our website work

web server/backend work, newsletter functionality

Image of Bringing Back Broadway website
Client: National Preservation Partners — design by HWDS

real estate company website with plug-in funcionality, scalable

Client: City Center Real Estate Services, Inc.

efficient and functional website for consulting firm

Client: Historic Consultants, Inc.

presentation website for a filming location


website for business improvement district

Client: Historic Downtown Los Angeles Community Benefit District

website for non-profit organization, with small webshop

Client: National Preservation Partners

simple website for motorsport support company

Client: LAENGWORKS — This website is under development.

Visualisations and Illustrations

photorealistic visualisation of billboards

image of a billboard

image of billboard visualization

Visualisation of impact of proposed development


Convention Booth

Image of a design for an expo booth
The booth can be easily carried and set up by one person.